Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i've been sitting here for a good 2 hours, contemplating whether or not to blog lol but since it's close to Xmas and new year, i thought i'd better do a long post and get that aside before having another massive headache to blog about events for the next week or so.

this post is going to be in no particular order. it's been about 2 weeks since my last post so I can't really remember what happened in chronological order lol


first off, my most recent purchases LOL the xmas mood is definitely here. heaps of people hanging around Rundle probably last minute xmas shopping. i've been going into town with the main purpose of buying xmas gifts for people but end up spending more on myself lol

a high-waisted tulip skirt from crossroads

retro print dress from MinkPink

MinkPink Dundee leggings

Stussy dress...

...with the most adorable looking heart-shaped buttons! =)

cinch belts from Jeans West and Sussan

faux croc skin bag from Nine West

(I had actually planned to go into NineWest and get something for myself that was discounted because they were having a 30%-70% end of season sale. but, me being me, HAD to get something at full price. I know i'm totally going to regret it when I see the very same bag on sale in a couple of months. oh the life of a shopaholic)

like I don't have enough makeup already, I went on Amazon and bought the above. smells absolutely DEVINE! came quite cheap too (approx US16) but Express postage from the USofA cost me double what the lipgloss palette was worth lol

my makeup collection has DOUBLED in the past month. so I had to get new makeup bags to store everything in. the Uchi bag above i think is gorgeous. bought at David Jones. no regrets whatsoever.

the bag below is an ordinary Clinique bag, given by a kind friend who bought a set of products and decided that she didn't need another makeup bag. I now have 4 makeup bags: 1 to store face makeup (ie. foundation, blusher, bronzer, contour, highlight, you get the gist), 1 to store lip colours (ie. lipstick, lipglosses), 1 to store eye makeup (ie. my never ending collection of eyeshadow, eyeliners, mascaras) and 1 to store my nailpolish.

Just last night I threw out half of my nailpolish coz they were getting too old. it's sad to see my collection dwindle down to about 10 now haha and to comfort myself, i'm currently eye-ing an OPI set of nailpolish (god help me!)

I have actually bought more than what it seems. the rest just aren't blog-worthy LOL


M&M desperately needed some grooming. So I called DogFX and booked in 2 weeks in advanced. About a week later, I drove past PetStock and saw that they have grooming services available now. So i called them and found out that they are charging ridiculously cheap prices for their grooming services! AU29 as opposed to AU55 everywhere else in Adelaide. So i cancelled at DogFX and decided to give PetStock a go.

Molly's fur was starting to knot because she's very curly and HATES the brush lol

Milo looking far too shabby for my liking

Molly after her clipping. I finally get to see how thin her legs actually are lol she's definitely happier with her new 'do (perfect for the summer)

Milo only had about an inch taken off cos his momma wants him to stay her princess dog forever lol he's the only reason why I have the aircon switched on from 10am to 8pm every single day.


And that pretty much concludes my two weeks. Will be back again next week (hopefully! no promises there lol) after xmas and new years. Have heaps of planning to do for xmas lunch this Thursday. haven't set a menu yet. neither have i gone shopping for turkey and ham lol

new years hasn't really been planned either. i'm hoping it'll be at cass' place again this year coz it's getting warmer (max of 32 deg. this week) and the thought of having a pool to jump into when it gets too hot is orgasmic lol until then....




I'm not going to tell you not to drink. My message this year will be: GET SMASHED, GET HIGH, but be smart and take a cab home. I'd love to be able to see everyone still alive come 2009.


14 days!!!! =)

11:29 AM

Monday, December 8, 2008






Waiting for Mr "I-said-last-night-I'll-wake-up-early-but-decided-to-sleep-in-again" to wake up and go to the gym with me...

But he's still sleeping like a pig.

Waiting for Shan to online and accompany me get excited over online shopping...

But she haven't go to work and online yet.

Waiting for Charlotte to come online and accompany me get excited over mineral makeup...

But she is out shopping in Shanghai today.

Waiting for the postman to come deliver me more early X'mas gifts...

But HE also haven't come yet.


Holidays are starting to get real depressing.

I really need him to set date to move so I can start getting busy packing my stuff.

At the moment, that's about the only thing I'm looking forward to.

Then New Year's.

Then 7th Jan.

10:18 AM

Saturday, December 6, 2008

For the first time in I don't know how long, I FINALLY slept early last night. 11pm! Can you believe it? HAHA All the loss in sleep for the past month caught up with me yesterday. I was exhausted by 10.30pm and by 11pm I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Sure feels good sleeping early for once even though I woke up at 5am feeling wide awake! lol at least there's some progress made. By the end of next week I'd like to sleep at 1am and wake up at 11am like my normal self.

So, I woke up at 5am, stayed in bed for a while cuddling my two furry babies and got up to get a bit of breakfast. I have decided to eat 6-8 small meals everyday as part of my losing-weight regime haha For the past half hour I've been snacking on tuna, onion and mayo dip with raw carrots, cucumber and celery. Got the dip recipe from mom yesterday and I tell you it's delicious! haha could eat it all day.

I have an item ending on ebay in about half hour so in the mean time, I'll do the tags Shan darling tagged.


8 facts/stuff about me.

:: I have a temporary (hopefully!) obessesion with ebay.

:: Because I'm so bored, everytime I go out shopping (usually alone coz no one else is around anymore), I MUST come home with something.

:: I truly am a bitch at heart. But I treat people the way they treat me. I definitely do not let anyone fuck around with me.

:: I am addicted to tuna, onion and mayo dip.

:: I am literally kicking myself in the behind for booking my tickets home on the 7th Jan because everyone's gone back and I'm growing fungus alone in Adelaide. But then again, who would want to miss New Year's Eve at Cassia's place? LOL

:: My biggest pet peeve is people who MISSPELL or MISPRONOUNCE my name. It really, really gets to me.

:: I love Molly and Milo more than any guy in the world. Which is why I've taken to Charlotte's advice: Do not get married until I find a man that I love MORE than my puppies.

:: I have an explosive temper. When I'm upset, I bottle everything up inside. But when I reach anger point, I explode to the extent that I can smash a hole in the wall, which I did a couple of days ago =S Thank god for Benni Boy who can repair it dirt cheap for me =)


Instructions : Remove 1 question from below and add in your personal question. make it a total 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list. list them out at the end of this post. notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged.

1. what do you want most for the time being??
:: SHOES!!!! I can't wait to go back and sapu all the shoes at Vincci LOL

2. what is your favourite thing to do?
:: Spending. Whether it's spending time or spending money on stuff that in my mother's eyes are unecessary LOL

3. what is your 1 regret in life?
:: I have to agree with Shan who agrees with Roxanne LOL being with the fuckin ex boyf. I really do hope that one day karma will come back on him and bite him in the ass!

4. who inspires you?
:: Definitely my dad. The man I love most in my life and no one will ever replace that.

5. tell me something i dont know about your family background.
:: Dad's Bidayuh, mom's Foochow, and I'm am only child Haha. enough info already?

6. do you believe you can survive without money?
:: Are you fuckin out of your mind?!

7. what are you afraid to lose the most?
:: Definitely my parents. Everything else can be replaced but no one can and will ever replace my parents.

8. what do you feel like doing right now?
:: Shop some more! Even though I've bought plenty in the last week, there are still heaps of stuff I need (more like WANT!) before I go back for the holidays.

9. if you can get out of your current life circumstance, would you?
:: Not at all. I'm happy with where I am in life now.

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagges you?
:: OMG Shan is the bomb! We can go on and on and on and on about clothes, shoes, bags, makeup etc.
:: Very artistically inclined...in a creative way. At least more than me anyway LOL!
:: I say she's a bitch (in a good way of course!) in a sense that she also doesn't let people fuck around with her.

11. what are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
:: At this moment, it's HONESTY.

12. if you were given a choice, would you want to know what love is all about?
:: Men and love? I am in no hurry to find out. Love for family, personal beliefs and friends I believe is all about passion.

13. what is your ambition?
:: To work for myself from home after 2 years of work experience in a corporate firm.

14. describe your life in one word.
:: Complex haha! My mother thinks I bring it upon myself LOL

15. if you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
:: Can't one be greedy and ask for both?

16. if you have a chance, where would you like to further your study scholarships?
:: Adelaide is perfectly alright with me.

17. who are the persons that you can share all your problems with?
:: Oh there are a few. Won't name any names though.

18. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
:: I would LOVE to be a stay-home mom going out with my girlies for lunches and goyang kaki everyday but I'll settle for being a stay-home mom and working from home for myself.

19. what is the one thing you love about yourself?
:: I have no idea really. Don't get me wrong...I DO love myself but not in any one aspect.

20. what your favorite cartoon characters?
:: Spongebob Squarepants!!! LOL
:: Jimmy Neutron, 11.55am Mon-Fri on Foxtel Nickelodeon hahahah!

Just realized that I forgot to take a question out and replace it with one of my own. Honestly, I really can't be fucked to think of a question LOL I'm better at answering.

I don't tag anyone coz most people don't bother doing anymore LOL unless they're dead fucking bored like I am now....

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Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm back!! With a post loaded with photos of my haul from my spending spree so far hahaha

Haven't been doing much past 2 weeks. Can't believe 2 weeks have gone by just like that though. I'm either ebaying, having coffees out or rotting my ass at home staring at the walls. I feel as if I'm starting to grow mushrooms in my head already haha not magic mushrooms either LOL!

Everyday for the past one week I've been getting something new. Whether it's in the mailbox or from the stores at WestLakes. I find some days waking up at 8am or not sleeping the whole night coz of insomnia, and the minute the postman knocks on my door, I rush to the door, pyjamas and all, to grab my loot. It's been like an early Christmas this week haha

I usually spend about half an hour ooh-ing and aah-ing over my new stuff and then I'm back to the usual routine of trying to entertain myself and keeping myself sane until I go back for a holiday.

However, today I sure am one happy girl. I received TWO of my long awaited items in the mail.

After spending US25 and a bomb on express shipping from the US to Aus, I finally received my Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette! And it was only a week wait. Was choosing between the matte or glossy case, but decided that I like the glossy case better.

Now don't you think that looks hot? Rather than buying a collection of MAC pigments (which would add up to about AU2000 for 88 colours), I have 88 shimmery and very pigmented colours (from what I've heard) to play around with for a very affordable price of US25 excluding shipping.


Also in my mail today, was my Pure Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Set. I've been searching all over the net, googling reviews for the best foundation/blusher/bronzer etc out there because my makeup needs throwing out soon. Then I stumbled upon mineral makeups. I've heard of it before but never really gave it any thought. Then I read reviews, and had a look at the range of mineral makeup available in Australia.

Let me tell you this, mineral makeup is everything I've been looking for in cosmetics. 100% chemical, preservative, and talc free. Can't get any better for your skin than this. So then I went hunting for mineral makeup brands. I've seen ads from SheerCover and NudebyNature on the telly, but when I had a look at their range of foundations, they only had a maximum of 4 or 5 shades! How the fuck am I supposed to find a shade closest to my skin with only 5 shades?

So I went hunting high and low, all day and all night for the brand that has the most shades. Read some mineral makeup reviews, and found Pure Cosmetics and Australian made and owned brand. Affordable too. They have HEAPS of shades (about 25 shades actually) for their mineral foundations, blushers, bronzers, concealers, eyeshadow, mineral veil, and even organic lipgloss! About the same price as SheerCover and MAC as well (AU55 for a full sized 15g jar of foundation).

And so, I ordered a set of mineral makeup. Not in full size though. But not sample sizes either. More like something I can try for a month or two and allow enough time to decide whether or not I'm happy with it.

This is what came in the set...

Clockwise from top: 9 free eyeshadows in sample vials, Kabuki brush, 5 piece makeup brush set with leather travel case, Organic lipgloss, Organic Setting Mist
Center: 2 jars of foundation, one bronzer, one blusher, one mineral veil, one concealer, and one full-sized eyeshadow.

The shades that I ordered are below. Photos should be clear enough for you to read the label under the jars.

the Kabuki mineral makeup brush

organic lipgloss in Gypsy Rose

the 5 piece makeup brush set with travel case.
i personally think it looks cute with white wooden handles.

came with an application instruction booklet too LOL

Alright, enough raving about mineral makeup. More info to come after I've tried them.


Other than makeup, I've also bought myself my first pair of falsies haha! I've heard heaps of good stuff about Ardells but decided on Revlon Lash Fantasy instead because of they're self-adhesive. Saves me the trouble of trying to put eyelash glue on it when puting falsies on for the first time is hard enough. Good thing about RLF is that they are also reusable. After the self-adhesive bit wears out, the falsie can be used with eyelash glue as long as it is cleaned properly after every use.


A week ago, I was telling Donna my woes of finding a good lipstick. I've been using lipstick from The Body Shop for quite some time now but found that it never lasts for more than an hour. And because Donna's an Avon sales rep, she decided to give me a sample case of Avon lipstick for free!!!! She usually charges her clients for a whole case of samples. But lucky me got to try out 50 shades of lipstick for free!!

From matte to shimmery shades. Though the case and lipstick tube looks big in the photos, believe it or not, the lipstick itself is only as big as my pinky fingernail LOL! but....if I use lipstick every single day, one tube should last me about 5 days. Which means the whole case would last me 250 days of non-stop lipstick wearing LOL! which I assure you will not happen so the whole case should last me a year, which is about the time to throw out lipsticks anyway.


Also in my list of makeup haul is this Bobbi Brown Essentials mascara. I threw out my MAC Zoom Lash mascara last week because it's been about 4 months since I bought it and I never really was happy with it. Didn't seem to do anything for my lashes. I'm putting all hope on this Bobbi Brown mascara because from what I've read on various makeup forums, it does just about everything, lengthens, volumnizes, curls, nourishes etc. And the best thing is, I don't need to put primer on my lashes like most volumnizing mascaras nowadays have LOL Von did recommend YSL False Eyelash Effect mascara but it was a tad bit over my budget for a mascara (AU65/70 as opposed to AU50 for Bobbi Brown).


Next up is the best ever eyelash curler I've used in my life, the Panasonic heated eyelash wand. Instead of the conventional eyelash curler that clamps your eyelash, this eyelash wand works just like a mascara wand. And the best thing is that you will never ever accidentally yank out any of your eyelashes EVER AGAIN! hahahaha how awesome is that?

Because this heated eyelash wand can also be used AFTER you put your mascara on, it comes with a brush to brush off the dried up mascara that builds up in between the gaps of the tip.


And this concludes my collective haul for this week.

My next target will be dresses for Chinese New Year AND a big makeup bag that can fit all my new toys LOL!!!

More to come next week....as I'm expecting some more stuff in my mailbox....not telling what until then haha

I am one happy girl today =)

3:12 PM

Will definitely update tonight....

I promise!


So expect a long one.

11:30 AM