Saturday, November 22, 2008

i received my


for the month


since I'm

on holidays

with nothing


to do

i have decided

to go




in need of




1. chinese new year clothes

2. light coloured clutch

3. mascara

4. blusher

5. bronzer

6. make-up brushes

7. eyeshadow palette

8. lipstick


a whole new


of make-up

just coz

i feel like it!

have decided


read up

make-up reviews

and then head

to myers

to restock


of going

by brand like


usually do.

i have a


i will

blow my entire


in 2 weeks.

might have


start pumping out

coffee at


cafe to earn

a bit




wont be happening

until wednesday

of next

week though.

this weekend


be spent spring



of house inspection

on tuesday.


real estate


i cant wait

to move!!!

and also

did i mention


gmail's new

themes look utterly


went to harris scarfe

today to


a coffee

machine coz i

am so


of spending

a bomb each


on coffee

from cibo.

was walking


the electrical

section and saw


that completely

pissed me




more on that

next time.

2:48 AM

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i know, i's been ages haha not to say that a lot has been happening, but i always feel like i have a lot to accomplish during the day. now lets cut to the chase....brace yourself for 2 weeks' worth of updates....

2nd Nov

Been taking the puppies to the park close to every day and meeting up with friends whom we met at the park.

Little Mimi, the Lebanese toddler we see at the park everyday at 6pm sharp.

Cheekie their beautiful Siberian Husky

As you can see, M&M love mucking around with Cheekie too.

4th Nov

Obama in the lead! Before I went to bed, I told myself, "If I wake up tomorrow morning and find out cowboy McCain has won, I'll be shittin on the steps of the US embassy in Canberra"....

5th Nov

....and thank god I didn't have to do that. Obama '08!!!

6th Nov

Exactly a year ago today I went through the heartache of a cheating ex-boyf, but on the same day I met someone I thought I wouldn't have been able to meet in this lifetime.

Had a beautiful dinner at Jolley's Boathouse Restaurant along the River Torrens. The boyf had it all planned as a surpise. He only told me to get dressed into something nice. Just as I was putting my shoes on in the bedroom, I looked out of the window and saw a Mercedes AMG in the driveway. No...the AMG wasn't a gift (I WISH!) was a hire car. But I sure did feel like a princess....having a chauffeur open the door for me, helping me get in the car, driving us to dinner, waiting for us through dinner, sending us home etc etc all for AUD200. I wish I had that kinda money to spend on chauffeurs everyday.

Food at Jolley's was good. Something you'd expect for fine dining. But I must say the service was shit.

the menu. can't say we had a lot to choose from.

dinner would be so bland without a good glass of french champagne.

my entree...Jolley's 'Five Taste of the Sea'

can't remember what his entree was.

this was how good the entree was.

my huge MSA scotch fillet.

his lamb of some sort.

went outside for dessert because it was starting to get stuffy inside.

the bridge on King William Rd.

paddle boats and black swans just outside the restaurant.

it was pretty windy that night hence all the blossoms on the table.

passionfruit pavlova for dessert....VERY fluffy....yums...

7th Nov

Yet another day stressing about dresses for the wedding. Only a week to go and I haven't bought a single dress yet. So.....that night I took the risk and bought a dress without trying it on off ebay. A gorgeous Ladakh red and white off-shoulder dress for only AUD35.50 including postage. I was lucky this time coz it fit me PERFECTLY (photo in a few paragraphs).

Also watched the most ridiculous movie of all time....'The Ten'. It's got something to do the ten commandments in the bible, but you've got to be insane to want to watch this movie. It actually had actors like Jessica Alba in it. Surely the directors could have thought up something better than this. I give this movie not a single star out of 5.

8th Nov

FINALLY booked my tickets going back to Malaysia and coming back to Adelaide. Will be in Miri on 8th Jan and leaving on Valentine's. With all the bullshit going on with Qantas planes the past month, I'll be sure to call them tomorrow and have them reassure me that I won't crash and die on the plane back to Adelaide in Feb. Either that or I'll be getting a full refund and hopping on another airline.

Watched Mr. Woodcock on Foxtel box office. This time the movie wasn't as lousy. It was actually pretty funny. Worth watching.

9th Nov

A very, very lazy Sunday for me. Slept at around 3am and got up just after 2pm. Very cosy morning with a few showers and sunny in the afternoon. Did about 5 loads of washing LOL i had actually run out of towels to use because I haven't done my laundry for that long (i have about 10 towels sitting in the linen closet usually).

11th Nov

I have been craving chocolate for weeks but had to stop myself. Didn't wanna look fat and puffy in my dress for the wedding dinner. But I finally caved in and walked to the BP servos down the road at 11pm to get a bar of fruit and nut.

I've been missing mom's home-cooked chinese meals. Dinner in Adelaide usually consists of char-grilled chicken/steak and steamed vegetables. Gets boring after a while but I'm always too lazy to do up anything fancy.

12th Nov

Couldn't sleep ALL night. Finally fell asleep at around 7am. Woke up at 1.30pm. I blame the stress of hunting for a dress for a wedding reception. Imagine if it were to be my own wedding.

Finally decided to head straight to LiveClothing and come out with a dress. At the moment Live is my fav place to look for clothes. You can find anything from casual day dresses to formal dresses to wear to the races. They also have all the aussie brands you can think of: Ladakh, Seduce, Anise, Burning Passion, Blessed are the Meek, Killababe, Wish, Mooks, Plume, Piper Lane, Blue Juice, Very Very etc...

I tried on a total of probably 20 dresses and ended up getting the first dress I picked. The salesgirl must've been pissed off running to and from the changing room passing me dresses in a different size or colour.

the dress that took me two long week to find.
Ladakh 'Blow Me Away' strapless dress in champagne gold and silver.
AUD109...half of what my initial budget was.

quite like this dress. nice shade of blue and a deep plunge v-neck.

had I bought this dress, I would have worn something
like what the bridesmaids wore but in red instead of black.

Also went to Ferrari formalwear to buy a new suit for the boyf. Just as we were leaving, we saw about 10 cop cars and 3 ambulances pull up in front of Hugo Boss. A guy was handcuffed and thrown into the paddy wagon, 2 guys wheeled into the ambo, area taped off. Looked just like a crime scene you usually see in movies. Apparently 2 groups of Sudanese teenagers got into a brawl in City Cross. Carried on their fight in a newsagency in a lane just off Grenfell. A few stabs and a 14 year old died. What a waste.

13th Nov

Went hunting for a purple cluth to go with my champagne coloured dress. Was planning to match the dress with a pair of silver shoes with purple heels hence the idea of a purple clutch. Thought I would over-do the silver if I bought a siver clutch. Didn't intend to spend a bomb though. Already have black, silver and red. Hardly use them anyway.

14th Nov

Collected the suit that was altered for the boyf. Both the home spray tanning kit and the Ladakh off-shoulder dress I bought on ebay arrived on the same day! For the moment I was the happiest person on earth haha heard the postman knocking on the door at around 9am. Was actually still sleeping but I leapt out of bed and ran to open the door LOL

the best thing I've bought this year so far.

everything needed for an even summer glow.

looks like something out of Jimmy Neutron LOL

15th Nov

The day of Cassia and Paul's wedding. The most anticipated day this month. A day to gather with good friends and get smashed. The ceremony was held in a Greek Orthodox church on Franklin St (Paul is Greek-Australian). Cassia looked stunning in her dress.

One of the bridesmaids Nicolette (Paul's sister)
and her son baby Theo the page boy.

the maid of honour, Libby.


the Groomsmen (L-R): George, Jason, Theo & Sam.

the couple.

one of George's classic cars they used for the wedding.

After the ceremony, we went straight to the Stamford Grand at Glenelg to chill out before the dinner. They had 3 penthouses booked for the night. But I decided to spend AUD46 on cab fares to go home to the comfort of my own bed instead. Dinner was to start at 6pm. But girls being girls, took ages to get ready. What do you expect with only 3 bathrooms and close to 15 girls.

the Ladakh dress from ebay.

the Ladakh dress from Live.
don't you just love my tan?
thank god I'm naturally tan so it didn't look as if I had a fake tan on.
just a little more bronze/shimmery.

funny how they spelt my name right on the invite
but wrong on the table place things.

our take-home gift from the newlyweds.

sorbet in the shape of a watermelon for dessert.

a few hours into the night, everyone had a little too much to drink. myself included. over a span of 5 hours, I had an average of 2 to 3 champagne glasses an hour, which adds up to a total of 10 to 15 glasses. and boy was I wasted. on the way home, I sat in the back seat, which totally made me sick. threw up once on Anzac Highway and twice on North Terrace. Don't think I'll go into the details, but i moved to the front seat and I was fine the rest of the way home.

this is what the boys did. some sort of Greek dance.
that's George with the shirt unbuttoned.
he was a goner by 11pm the security had to haul him upstairs to bed LOL

they had a Johnnie Walker in the middle of their circle
for some reason (not visible in the photo)

All in all, it was an awesome night. Actually have lots more photos but just can't be fucked to upload them all. I can't fucking wait for New Year's!!!!

16th Nov

The whole Sunday was spent recovering from a massive hangover from the night before LOL oh what fun it is to get smashed and sleep the day away.

19th Nov

have been craving waffles for a few days now. I found the BEST waffle recipe from somewhere online (i can't remember where) but I had it written down and since i had all the ingredient needed I decided to have it as a rare treat for dessert tonight.

The ingredients are as follows:

1.5 cups of self-raising flour
1/4 cups of castor sugar
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of water
1 egg
a pinch of salt

There are actually steps to this recipe but I couldn't be bothered with it so I threw everything into an aluminium bowl, whisked it, and poured it into a waffle maker. Worked fine for me. Makes around 10 waffles. Self-raising flour does make a difference. Earlier on this year I used plain flour instead and the waffles turned out horrible.


From now on I vow to update daily instead of fornightly.
This post took me 3 fucking hours to do up.

12:47 AM

Monday, November 3, 2008

handed my last assignment in on Friday...

and now...

i am officially done with uni for the year!

bring on the champagne!

bring on the celebrations!

hopefully i don't need to resubmit anything...

but thank god i don't have exams.

i'd rather slave away

on assignments

for a couple of weeks

with a little help from lecturers

than cram last minute

for exams.

now that the holidays

are here....

i have lots to look forward to.

brand new car

Cassia's wedding

Sharee's engagement

moving out


new year

going home for chinese new year

just to name a few.


dear friends...

forgive me for my absence

last week

and the week to come

as i will be livin it up.

by this

i mean

going to bed

in the wee hours of the morning

and getting up at lunch

bumming around,

slacking to the max

while all you people

slave away

for exams in 2 weeks!

i can't help



sorry =)

will get my ass

back to blogging

as soon as

i feel

i have

everything i need

for Cassia's wedding

on the 15th Nov.

the only reason


there will

be heaps

of competition

with good-looking

rich bitches

with drug dealer boyfriends

who have all the money

in the world

to buy the perfect dress.

and so,

i shall not rest


i find that perfect dress

for the church service

and evening reception

at Glenelg's Stamford Hotel

along with

the perfect tan

(i'm leaning toward a home tanning kit
seeing as no one wants to head to the beach with me
plus the fucking lousy weather this week)

the perfect clutch

the perfect shoes

and the perfect makeup bag

filled with MAC.

i feel so spoiled.

this is what we girls

live for.

the perfect boyfriend.

who is willing

to do


to make us





12:02 PM