Friday, October 24, 2008

I had a thought come into my mind a minute ago: Do blind people have coloured dreams?

When I was much younger, I had a dream where I can fly just by ingesting chinese red dates (I know right?!).

Few days ago, I had a dream where I was sashaying down the catwalk with a supa fab dress in front of Tyra and Jay Manuel.


Must be too much tv.

10:47 PM

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love looking at the clear aussie sky in spring; I feel as if it's asking me what I want to do with my life.

Staring at the sky during sundown feels good too.

12:45 PM

Hot new song now playing:

MGMT (previously known as The Management) - Electric Feel

Been hearing this track on Nova 919 for the past month but never knew what it was called until I downloaded MOS Chillout Session XI.

This is a wicked track I tell you. Another one of those good tracks to listen to while driving during peak hours LOL

No idea why YouTube won't let me embed the official video clip of the track but it can be viewed HERE.

12:18 PM

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i can't believe i'm actually downloading Britney Spears' Blockout album.

she actually makes ok music for a bitch LOL

i'm finding it kinda therapeutic...
sometimes when i'm doing housework alone at home, i put a few of her songs on really loud haha!
sshhh....don't tell anyone.

and it's also very stress relieving when i'm driving during peak hours....
eliminates road rage

honestly, i don't care about Britney,
or who it is,
as long as the album's good.

and this one is.


let's start the day off with Britney's latest single...
not that Womanizer has anything to do with my day


11:03 AM

Monday, October 20, 2008

i'm lying in bed thinking real hard about what i did on friday. but i don't seem to remember anything.


let's start the weekend with saturday instead.

sent the boyf to work at 9am and went straight to my aunt's house with m&m. watched m&m play with bubbles. aunt was making some malaysian kuih that's round and white with coconut dusting on the outside. i have no idea what it's called, but it was good.

at 12pm, went with aunt to pick up my cousin from work at a pharmacy nearby. then rushed to cheap as chips at Arkaba to buy pee pee pads which i forgot to bring that morning. rushed back to my aunt's house to lay out two pee pee pads for m&m on the floor.

the reason why we had to rush was because my aunt had someone looking at the apartment unit on south terrace at 1pm. we waited 15 minutes and no one came. we were about to leave when a family of three dropped by for the inspection. my aunt has been having trouble renting out that unit for 3 months now. sad to say that i'm not surprised because that unit looks so shit. it's a pity the landlord doesn't want to spend any more money to refurbish the whole place. i wouldn't live there even if i was paid to. that unit is fully creepy.

left south terrace and went for lunch at noodleDumpling on gouger street. after that and bubble tea, i was so fucking bloated. by the time we left chinatown, it was about 3pm. not much time left to shop at harbour town but we went anyway.

i was hoping to buy more gym outfits but only bought a pair of gym pants and a pair of yoga pants.

also bought 3 very comfortable girl boxer shorts which i now wear to bed every night with a thin shirt as pjs because it's starting to get real warm at night.

after harbour town my aunt had a few other people call up wanting to look at the unit on south terrace again and the apartments at chinatown. went to south terrace AGAIN. spent another half hour there fucking around in the car. went to the apartments at chinatown. wasted about an hour there because the maintainence guy also came to fix some stuff. by the time we got back to my aunt's place it was already 8pm. i was so exhausted. went home with the puppies and chilled out in bed watching tv for the rest of the night.


sunday morning...

forced myself to wake up for church. didn't hear my alarm go off so i only woke up 5 minutes to 9 (church starts at 9.30 but we're never on time anyway). managed to get ready in 10 minutes and i was out the door by 5 past. church was so-so as usual. didn't stay long for refreshments after the service.

went to the unit at south terrace again to check if the smoke alarm is working. turns out it wasn't battery operated. also found 2 wasps in the unit which was fucking scary. i took my bag on the kitchen counter and i was out of there. there's no chance that i'll be sticking around there waiting to get stung. there was also heaps of wasps hanging around the entrance of the ground floor which wasn't funny coz that's the only place we can get out. as soon as i saw that the wasps were flying somewhere else i pushed the door open and ran as fast as my legs could take me back to the car.

had lunch at the SAME place on gouger street.

went back to aunt's house. tried to see if my PSPs can play fake games. wasn't suprised that it couldn't because i bought the psp in adelaide and probably wasn't modified to play fake games. so i swapped PSPs with my aunt. she's taking my PSP to HK to have it modified this week. and i took her white PSP home to play her fake games. there are actually heaps of games on her memory stick but i've only been addicted to one...

Loco Roco!!!

i tell you, this is the most adorable game i've ever played. i was so fascinated by the blob eating fruits/berries to grow bigger (a maximum of 20 blobs) and sometimes splitting into smaller singing blobs. i think the game has 5 worlds to clear consisting of 8 levels each. i'm now in the middle of the 3rd world.

i'm guessing that i'll be finishing the game this afternoon haha

8:48 AM

Sunday, October 19, 2008

this weekend has been a pretty busy one.

and a very tiring one too.

still exhausted from spending the whole day with aunt yesterday.

and today i'm addicted to Loco Roco on PSP.


updates tomorrow morning.

i promise.


9:51 PM

Saturday, October 18, 2008

one word....


9:34 PM

Friday, October 17, 2008

I just realized that it's been almost a week since my last update.

Nothing much going on this side of town. Uni 2 days a week, the rest of the week slacking at home on the net.

Did go to the Victoria Racehorse Grounds with M&M, Charlotte & Chewie yesterday though for puppy play-time. No photos coz didn't bring camera as usual.

Been bringing M&M to the park just around the corner from my house every evening as well. They're always so excited when I take out their harnesses and their leash from the kitchen cupboard. They've made friends with a Siberian Husky that goes for walks at the park around the same time. And Milo absolutely adores the little baby girl that goes to the park for walks with her mom. When Milo stands on his hind legs, they're about the same height haha which I find too cute. And the baby girl doesn't mind him licking her face either LOL

Both M&M need a good bath. Milo needs a little trim as well, especially around his ass (occasionally when he poops, his poo sticks to the fur around his ass LOL disgusting I know), eyes (causing red tears) and paws. Each time they go to the park they come home with a billion things stuck in their fur. So I called DogFX on Prospect Rd yesterday to book an appointment, but guess what, the EARLIEST possible appointment is Wednesday 29th Oct. just under TWO WEEKS from now *sigh* I was told that DogFX is well-known but I didn't know it was THIS popular.

Will be going to Rundle tonight. Not sure what for though. The boyf says he has a surprise for me. I usually manage to make him spill the beans but this time I was not successful.

Tomorrow I'll be going over to aunt's place again with M&M. She'll be going to HK for 10 days on Monday so next weekend M&M won't get to play with Bubbles. Will also be going to Harbour Town with aunt tomorrow arvo. Yes, you may be thinking 'Harbour Town AGAIN???'. But this time I'm back for gym outfits (and more cute undies). I'm only planning to go to Lorna Jane and CottonOnBody. Avoiding the rest of the shops coz I think I've bought enough summer tops/shorts already.

A good 28 degrees out today. And 33 degrees tomorrow. Wish I had a tanning buddy to head to the beach with.

Might just have to put an ad in the papers soon (joke!).

9:55 AM

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am really looking forward to the movie
Beverly Hills Chihuahua despite the tacky eye-roll-worthy title.

from what I gather the movie is about a spoiled californian chihuahua who gets separated somehow from her owner while in mexico and runs into her rougher, wilder counterparts. the preview for this movie is just too cute. it probably won’t live up to my expectations, but that doesn’t dampen my excitement.


instead of blowing another hundred bucks at rundle last night, i came home with only a movie. since iron man was released on blu-ray yesterday i figured i might as well just get it since it was a pretty good movie. i've only watched it once prior to getting the movie last night but second time round was just as good.

the blu-ray disc came with a tin as well haha not that that's very interesting.


went to aunt's place this morning for puppy play-time. molly and milo sure had heaps of fun. every saturday that we go round to my aunt's place, the puppies are spoiled with lots of treats. probably explains why they're both overweight. we weighed each of the dogs and found that all but billy-boy is overweight. molly-6.8kg, milo-5.7kg, bubbles-8.7kg, billyboy-4.2kg (normal weight for maltese=max 5kg, bichon=max 6kg). will definitely be taking them for walks twice a day now (i could do without the extra flab too).

molly (funny i caught her on camera licking her lips)


bubbles the overweight bichon =D

billy-boy squinting his eyes coz it was a bright sunny day

milo was a happy puppy all morning following billy-boy everywhere trying to instigate a play-fight but because billy's so old (coming to 15 yrs), he didn't entertain milo. too cute!


i can't believe it's sunday tomorrow. the week flies by just like tht. will be going to church with aunt/uncle/cousin and the usual lunch after. must must must remember to bring my psp to have it charged at aunt's house. i feel that it's about time i start playing it again after i found it in my drawer. to think that i have TWO along with a couple of games collecting dust!

also in desperate need for a full body massage. my body feels so out of line. looking forward to an appointment at Chi Massage tomorrow afternoon.

10:29 PM

Friday, October 10, 2008

came home from harbour town with a look of pure satisfaction on my face and lots of shopping bags haha nothing fancy, just lots of summer tops and shorts. and cute undies i couldnt resist buying.

2 undies from JustJeans:

3 tops from JeansWest:

3 pairs of shorts and a top from CottonOn:

and a top from JayJays:

plus 2 shirts, 3 boxers and 2 packs of socks for the boyf + a top and a serving plate for mom...

all for under AUD100!

how can i not love harbour town???

also saw coloured skinny legs at Levi's for AUD10 (yes! TEN dollars!!) but too bad they're all too big for me.

will be going again soon with the boyf to buy me more undies. on my way out of harbour town i saw heaps more undies at CottonOnBody for half price! i thought i'd spent enough for the day so i didn't get anymore. but now i regret big time. so i'm going back just for undies haha

i have yet to find a bikini (preferrably black) that looks good. my old one's getting...old haha might try jR's and the Surf & Ski shop this weekend.

3:35 PM

Thursday, October 9, 2008

another round of shopping tomorrow at harbour town.

how awesome is that?!

will be going with Kris and her mom, and maybe KIm and her mom as well.

supposed to be bringing their mom's there to shop coz they've only been going to Rundle past one week they were here.


i'm only using that as an excuse to shop myself haha

coz i know with that excuse, mom won't stop me =)

this time i'll be targeting more summer shorts, a bikini, undies, and a summer and an evening dress to wear to Casia's wedding next month.

time to blow my allowance again!

not to worry though, will be getting my allowance again in 2 weeks...

cheap i come!!!

11:30 PM

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Armed with only this...

...i went on a killing rampage.... hunt this fat motherfucker and zap it to death, screaming "DIE MOTHERFUCKER, DIE!!!" at the top of my lungs.

Initially i saw it flying around in the bedroom, then he flew into the bathroom. i immediately got up and shut the bathroom, making it trapped. took me ages to zap it coz for a fat motherfucker, it can fly pretty fast. also took a few zaps to completely kill it.

Now that spring's here, it's lucky that my mom gave me that bug zapper racket thing so i can show all bugs who's boss and teach them not to fuck with me. Especially big fat australian flies. i have this theory that aussie flies are better fed than malaysian flies haha


Speaking of 'fuck', i found this too cute...



I can now officially declare that M&M are toilet-trained/house-broken whatever you wanna call it.

Usually, I lay out two pee pee pads on the floor for M&M to pee on when i'm not home. But they either hold their bladder or pee somewhere other than the pee pee pad which ends up in me having to mop the floor again (thank god for a steam mop!).

However, last night i layed out two pee pee pads on the spot that they usually pee on, and when i woke up this morning, lo and behold! a puddle of pee on EACH pee pee pad! they must have woken up in the middle of the night and went into the lounge area to pee and finally realized that pee pee pads are the right place to pee when no one was awake to open the sliding door to the garden.

So proud of my babies.


Another cute clip.....

Milo, after his bath last week, having a blast chasing his tail.

Ignore the background noise. I had Foxtel on then.

4:05 PM

Monday, October 6, 2008

just came home from a walk at the park and around the neighbourhood with M&M. bought matching harnesses for them which i find too cute so i decided to test them out.

i used to walk M&M on a collar and a leash. but i found that too strenuous on their neck because they tend to get too excited and pull on the leash, hence making themselves choke (sometimes i wonder if i'm walking them or it's them walking me). so, i went searching high and low at pet supply stores for a cute looking harness. saw a few good ones...

all by Puppia a doggy designer brand but far too pricy for my liking (AUSD40 each, something i'm not willing to pay for a simple harness).

went searching on ebay instead and found the cutest (in my opinion) harnesses ever.

only AUSD23 (half the price of Puppia) and includes a matching leash! so altogether i spent just under AUSD60 for two harnesses and two leashes. of course it's not designer but who cares, made in Japan in good enough for me.

the harnesses and leashes also have a fruit dangling on it; Molly's has a cherry, and Milo's has a banana haha but as you can see from the photo, Milo has only half a banana on his harness thanks to all the play-fighting and rolling around on the grass the puppies get up to.

i must say this is the best find ever on ebay.

***no photos of M&M at the park coz forgot to bring the camera along this time round; let's hope i remember tomorrow***

7:44 PM

To all you hardworking South Aussies,


Doesn't include me though. I don't work plus every day is like a holiday for me (minus Tues and Thursdays which are days I labour over uni work).

Had planned to go ice skating at 12pm but surprise surprise, I woke up at half past. And because it takes me ages to fully wake up and get ready, i cancelled (the rink closes at 4 on public holidays).

Oh well, maybe next time. =D

1:02 PM

Sunday, October 5, 2008

so, soooo exhausted.

it's been a pretty full on day for me. today's the start of daylight saving (adelaide is 2.5 hrs ahead of msia now) so we went forward an hour. slept at around 1.30am, woke up at 7.45am. hit the snooze button every 5 minutes on my phone until 8.30am. got ready in a flash (read: 30minutes which includes and express shower, quick blow-dry, make-up and picking out an outfit). left the house at 5 past 9 to my aunt's place. aunt was going for a drive for the long weekend so picked cousin up to go to church. CHURCH. and i actually went willingly.

yes, you heard me right. i went WILLINGLY haha sat through an hour and a half of church, went home to grab some green, then went for lunch. supposed to try out this new Malaysian place in the lane next to Myer (i think it's called the Swinging Bowl) but it was closed for the weekend so as usual, we ended up at Myer foodcourt. had a quick bite of sushi then went home to pick up the boyf, send him to pharmacy, sent him home....

and then...

it was retail therapy for me and my cousin!

i had SO much fun walking around harbour town. was such a sunny day. not a single white fluff in the sky. however, i only went home with 3 things. in fact i bought more stuff for the boyf than for myself. got him a pair of boxers, socks for work, and 2 summer tees. also bought a pair of cute leggings for my aunt and SOMEONE's birthday pressie for early next year haha and for myself, a pair of white shorts (i had a similar pair before which my puppies decided to eat), and 2 summer tops. just when i have the money to spend, i walk around and nothing really catches my eye.

my loot for the day.

but as for now, the only thing on my mind is a good long sleep. might be heading back to Harbour Town tomorrow to look for formal dresses at Blockout for Casia and Paul's wedding next month. i have abosulutely NO idea what to wear for the church ceremony and evening reception. i have my eyes on a black and champagne satin tube dress though.

i cant wait for the wedding. especially the hen's night (woohoo! male strippers! haha joke).

good food, and even better champagne.

***i can't believe i drove home 4 (read: FOUR!) times today. and to harbour town and back. a total of 71kms and 20 bucks (read: rm60) worth of fuel haha***


***step up 2 the streets is awesome! i know i'm a lil' behind =P***

9:17 PM

Saturday, October 4, 2008

went into town last night still in search for the ultimate movie on blu-ray. tried ezydvd, sanity and JBhifi. like i said before, the range of blu-ray movies here is pretty depressing.

so, we left rundle, in search of food this time. had dinner at the hampstead hotel nearby where i stay. i had beer battered fish and chips. he had beef red curry. nothing fancy.

because we went home without any movies, Foxtel was our next choice. considering we pay $106+$20(for multi-room) a month, might as well make full use of it.


before that, i gave my prince a bath thinking that i'll be bringing the puppies for puppy play-time at my aunt's place. but when i called to ask if she was gonna be home, she said she was gonna be helping out at some sunday school camp. not a problem though. at least milo smells good now haha

my happy boy before his bath.

if you look close enough,
you can see how cloudy the water looks
from all the dirt that got trapped
in his fur.

i couldnt resist =P

very scruffy...
looks so different.

after a good blow-dry,
my little ball of white fluff is back!

9:19 AM

Friday, October 3, 2008


Vivi the pomeranian responding to Milo's barks from the previous video clip i uploaded.


...molly and milo don't seem to care. maybe coz they were in the middle of having their morning nap.


I wanna go to the beach again for puppy play time!

...but it's wet and rainy today =(

12:47 PM

Went to WestLakes yesterday afternoon to hunt for my favourite movie on blu-ray (and a little extra shopping on the side). Either it was sold out or they just don't stock up on it. Seems like ezydvd don't have that wide a range of blu-ray movies yet.


I settled for the second best movie on the planet....


...and Layer Cake (which I have not watched before).

Having seen 300 in normal DVD before i left for west lakes comparing it to 300 in blu-ray, i must say the picture quality is superb. at least 50% better. the sparta
ns' abs looks even more well defined haha all those hot men *faints* the surround sound is even better. with 7.1 speakers, it feels like you're actually in the movie.

Spent the whole night watching movies on blu-ray and Foxtel I didn't even bother to cook dinner. Ordered take-away from some pizza delivery who claimed they make gourmet pizza but their pizza was anything but. even St giorgio's would be better.

that will definitely be the first and last time i get take-away pizza from random places.


also gave Molly a bath yesterday. instead of white, her fur w
as turning into a dull gray colour LOL tht's how long it's been since she last had a bath. come to think of it, her last bath was at the groomers when she had her fur clipped about a month ago.

usually i send the puppies to the groomers for a bath just becau
se i can't be bothered to spend an hour on each dog. but the groomers i go to (About Town Dog Studio on Portrush Rd) was booked out until mid next week, and i can't wait that long. so...i decided to work my own magic; suds, massage, trim fur around the eyes, condition fur, and a good blow-dry for my princess.

my poodle version of an ewok.
those sad-puppy-dog-eyes say "momma, me no likey bath"

pre-blowdry, Molly is more like a Poodle than a Maltese now.
my curly-haired princess.

all fluffy and white again!

her little brother Milo looks on feeling left out.
please excuse the mess in the laundry.

i used to give them a bath in the bathtub. but that took even longer to fill with water and a huge pain in the arse to bend down and suds/wash them. so the laundry sink it is now. and the top of the washing machine for a blow dry.

Molly has grown so much since i first brought her home. from 2.2kg to an estimate of around 6kg now. and her fur has gone from wavy to curly! haha nevertheless, she will always be my little princess.

Milo's turn for a bath tonight after their evening walk.

8:48 AM

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This video was taken quite a while ago. I think it's just too cute.

Molly, being her usual bossy self, is guarding the bedroom door. And even though she's just sitting there doing nothing, someho
w she gives off a message to Milo that's he's not allowed in. So Milo who desperately wants to go in the room (I had his favourite treat in my hand) can't get past Molly and he's not too happy about that, hence the barking and running to the lounge area and back.

I wonder what goes through their mind.

8:42 AM

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

As much as i love summer, the beach, and tanning, the weather's getting warmer too quick for my liking.

I kinda miss those days when i'd wake up to a thick cloud of fog in the streets and when it would hail and hail stones so small would cover my garden making it look like it was snowing.

11:10 AM